9 people who dated a twin explain what it's like when your mate has a hot double.

9 people who dated a twin explain what it's like when your mate has a hot double.

When you love a twin, all sorts of weird and fascinating things can happen. Sometimes your significant other's other gets pregnant at the exact same time as yours. Sometimes they show up to Thanksgiving in the exact same clothes. Read all about that, here.

But here's what we're all really wondering—don't deny it, you're wondering—how do you deal with your attraction to the person who looks exactly like your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband?

Luckily for us, twins love Reddit, and they recently answered all your sexy questions about nature's genetic coincidence.

1. BigOldDoggie uses technology to help his mindset.

My wife's identical twin sister is the most annoying person ever. Funny, after identical twin my iPhone suggested the rest of the sentence.

2. The solution is hatred, according to Loveinanelevator131 (and many others).

My parents met because my dad went up to my mom, grabbed her ass, and said "last night was fun..." - turns out my (party animal) aunt had been at a party and boned my dad the night before. My (extremely prim and proper) mother was mortified and ran away. My dad saw my aunt again later and was like "what was THAT this morning?" and my aunt had to explain. He later saw my mom and apologized and about 5 years later they ran into each other again and he made sure he knew which one she was when they started talking.

Dad and aunt now hate each other.


3. Well, PuddinTater has a simple solution if you don't believe in "no give-backsies."

I was talking to a twin and I asked her out to a movie date, she brought her twin and when we were chatting after the movie I realised I liked the other one's personality better and dated her. It was a little awkward after that

4. RebelScvm has given in to fantasy, and you can't stop them.

I actually dated an identical triplet. Thankfully they all had very different styles and kept different hair colors, so I never got my girlfriend confused with her 2 sisters. I'd be a liar if I said the thought of a foursome with 3 different variations of my girlfriend never crossed my mind.


5. WhoaMilkerson's S.O. sure didn't make it easy.

My ex had an identical twin, and I didn't find her attractive at all, perhaps weirdly. They looked exactly alike, but had such incredibly different voices. I only ONCE ever got them confused, and it was a doozy.

They had a habit of WEARING EACH OTHER'S CLOTHES which is, I mean, come on now, why would you do that to us?! The three of us were cooking together, I stepped away to use the bathroom, I come back and I approach the wrong twin from behind as she's chopping something (my gf was in the other room talking to our guests) and I place my hand on her back and say "Hi sweetie!".

The wrong twin whips around with a knowing smile and says "Hi!" and then just goes back to chopping. I was CLEARLY VERY EMBARRASSED and just kinda blanked out, and she just turned around and kept chopping. I think the knowing smile was an "hey, I get it, it happens, don't worry" kind of smile. When I told my gf she found it hilarious and made fun of me for a long time about it, and I kept saying "WHY WOULD SHE BE WEARING YOUR FAVORITE SHIRT?!?!"


6. Metalmtgnut got some familial help to end the temptation.

It's not as confusing or tempting as anyone may think. They look the same ( my parents still mix them up after 10 years) but different personalities. Fun fact, my brother ended up with her twin anyways!

7. This guy uses careful study and puns to conquer all.

My girlfriend has an identical twin sister. She's Indian. I'm white. Both of them have jet black hair, perfect white teeth, same skin tone, same figure, same height, everything. Her twin is dating my best friend who has similar features to me, weird enough. They're both gorgeous, but I'm not attracted to her like I am to my girlfriend. Finding the differences when I first met them was embarrassingly difficult, but now I can tell from all angles. Never had any mishaps or confusion of who is who while we were dating.

And yes, we affectionately call them the Twindians.


8. Some, like Cheffy325's first kiss, decide not to worry about it and let the twins sort it out.

The person who was my first kiss later ended up taking my twin's virginity ?

9. And shadowfax says it isn't a problem until it definitely, definitely is. Do tell.

Dated a twin once. After the initial month or so you honestly forget about it. In terms of personality they were both totally different, in terms of naked bodies, not different at all.

TL;DR: Tried to get into the shower with my (ex) girlfriends twin sister.

EDIT: Since people are asking: the girlfriend and I were home alone. I was in another room at the time, heard the shower start. It wasn't uncommon to jump in together as you do, so I went to the bathroom. Obviously didn't hear the twin get into the house early and she must have went straight to the shower. I went into the bathroom, she said "I think you're looking for Chloe", I realised the mistake and we both laughed about it. No letter to penthouse or "I banged my girlfriend's sister" Pornhub video. Told the girlfriend and she laughed about it.

But as I said, everything looked the same. Subtle differences sure, but identical enough that you had to know little differences like mole placement etc.


How long did this guy hang out in the shower?