If you thought the stakes were high for you to find a mate, be grateful that at least you're human.

Meet Sudan, a male on Tinder who's a total catch. He's 6 ft tall, loves the great outdoors, and is truly one of a kind. Literally.

Sudan is the last living male northern white rhino, and the future of his species is in his hands (well, in his semen).

Conservationists teamed up with Tinder to help find Sudan some sugar daddies who will raise funds to help him reproduce.


Reuters reports that Sudan needs $9 million for fertility treatment:

Scientists would use Sudan's sperm to fertilize an egg from one of the two last northern white rhino females: 17-year-old Satu or 27-year-old Najin. The embryo will be implanted in a surrogate southern white rhino, a far more common species.

Elodie Sampere of Kenya's Ol Peketa conservacy explains that they tried everything to get the rhinos to mate naturally.

You can sense the chemistry.
You can sense the chemistry.
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"We removed them from a zoo environment, which was not conducive to natural instincts, and put them in a semi-wild environment. There were a couple of matings, but it never resulted in a pregnancy."

What's their secret, amirite?

No, this is serious.

There are so few white northern rhinos in the world because their horns are sold by poachers for around $50,000 per kilo, making it a more profitable commodity than cocaine. That's why Sudan and his female friends are watched by armed guards at all time, which might kill their mood to get it on.


"The plight that currently faces the northern white rhinos is a signal to the impact that humankind is having on many thousands of other species across the planet," said Richard Vigne, the conservancy's CEO told the Associated Press, "Ultimately, the aim will be to reintroduce a viable population of northern white rhino back into the wild, which is where their true value will be realized."

Sources: Reuters