A jumble of multicolored penises, just like in nature.

Let's say that there's some person out there that really annoys you. Someone that makes your skin crawl when you think of them. Or maybe it's a person whom you really love and makes your heart flutter when you think of them. Either way, you really want to send this deplorable asshole, or lovely human being, a message to let them know how you feel. What do you do?

The obvious answer is to send them a bag of dicks.

Now, I realize that different people have different associations with bags of dicks. Some people might see a bag of dicks and get violently angry, while another person will grab those dicks and hold them close to their heart with tears streaming down their cheeks. So, it's really your responsibility to figure out how the person you hate or love will feel about a bag of dicks. One thing is for certain, however, bags of dicks are meant to be eaten.

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