The run-up to the third presidential debate was so depressing, it might actually have affected the party-hearty Vegas vibe. According to a strange report from TMZ, escort agencies in Las Vegas (the host city of the third debate) are blaming the Trump/Clinton rumble for driving down business in the days before the final showdown.

The agency owners provided TMZ with no data to backup their claims of reduced business, but they did share two theories for why customers might not be in the mood to Ken Bone:

1. People were too depressed about everything to bang.

2. People were afraid some enterprising journalist would bust them, because "the election has been filled with 'gotcha' moments."

Both explanations seem a bit over-the-top, because you'd think the beleaguered citizens of Sin City would need a distraction from the terrifying allegations flying between Trump and Clinton.

You'd also think most people's brains don't work like Sarah Palin's, constantly living in fear of a "gotcha" moment. Then again, this is not even close to the strangest news to come out of the 2016 election.

Only 18 more days, Las Vegas.