When people reach out to sex workers, they normally want to buy sex in one form or another. But when it comes to client requests, not all fetishes are particularly sexual. As you will see in these 23 stories pulled from Reddit, the nonsexual requests are incredibly weird, sweet, and sometimes even heartbreaking. 

Take my money and just tickle me.
Take my money and just tickle me.

1. This sex worker must really despise SeaWorld.

This guy had a mermaid fetish, so he wanted me to flap around on the floor like a fish who couldn't breathe, so he could "save me."

In his roleplaying fantasy, he took me to seaworld where I would live the rest of my days(I guess he thought it was a nice place).

It really wasn't a gag either, he requested this on multiple occasions over a period of months, and paid quite a bit for it.