This 'smart condom' measures your 'performance' and is your worst nightmare.

This 'smart condom' measures your 'performance' and is your worst nightmare.

Are you looking to spice up your sex life? Do you wish for a more tech-savvy way to be judged by your penis? Look no further than the iCon, the world's first "smart condom" that can keep track of every thrust.

A ring you put at the base of the penis, the i.Con is a FitBit for the naughty bits, that will measure a whole bunch of things about your sexy time, including speed, duration of sessions, penis girth, and perhaps worst of all, can compare your performance to that of people all over the world. Eek.

The manufacturer, British Condoms, explains/threatens that the i.Con records:

- Calories burnt during sexual intercourse

- Speed of thrusts

- Total number of thrusts

- Frequency of sessions

- Total duration of sessions

- Average velocity of thrusts

- Girth measurement

- Different positions used (currently BETA testing – will have more info in a release coming soon)

- Average skin temperature

There are a whole bunch of i.Pros to the i.Con. Once you finish (and hopefully your partner does, too), you can use the i.Con app to download your data and charge it up.

"You will not know that the i.Con is there, it’s extremely lightweight and non-invasive," a spokesperson told Mashable.

For only one easy payment of £59.99, prepare to feel more pressure than ever before!