Redditor bradred101 is a 25-year-old virgin which is NBD, except for he would no longer like to be a virgin. In an effort to take a dip in the female sex, bradred101 took a course of action that sounded fool-proof: get drunk at a bar. Unfortunately, the Fates decided that bradred101's weekend outing would not end with sex, but with a disastrous story he shared on Reddit's TIFU forum. On the plus side, there is a quasi-happy ending for bradred101.

This happened this past Friday night/ Saturday morning.

I always been shy and depressed so talking with people is hard for me. Even harder to talk with women. Plus I don't think of myself as very attractive and thing women wouldn't be interested in my anyways.

I am 25 and a virgin. I never kissed a girl or even held a girls hand before. So I figured I do what everyone seems to do in the movies and go to a bar and see what happens. I don't drink but I have read it can make you less shy and more out going. What could possible go wrong?

Sources: h/t Bro Bible