People on Quora are confessing (bragging?) the strangest, most surprising ways they've scored in the game of intercourse and boy, are there some weird ones. Let these 6 people inspire you with the knowledge that you don't need a fancy pickup line or some smooth tactics in order to have some good, consensual fun. Sometimes, it'll just fall into your lap—literally.

1. This Uber ride was worth five stars.

I got laid with my Uber driver.

I had to get to a place to get my mobile repaired. It was about 30 mins drive. We got along each other well.There was a spark. On reaching I did not have nerve enough to ask her out. Both hoped I would ask. I dint.

Apparently that shop could not get it done for my mobile, I had to book uber again to get to another shop. As you might have guessed by now, I got the same driver :)

One thing lead to another and I was having my hand on her thighs. As it got dark, we conveniently parked the car in lonely lane and started to kiss. Later that night we headed to my place and continued.