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22 people share the funny, awkward and embarrassing things that happened the first time they had sex.

22 people share the funny, awkward and embarrassing things that happened the first time they had sex.


Getting naked and rolling around with another person can be awkward no matter how many times you do it. But almost nothing in life beats the awkwardness of first time sex. Though virginity loss is often hyped up by movies as a "romantic" and "special" moment, in reality, it's usually quite the opposite.

Someone recently asked Reddit: "What would you change about your first time having sex?" And people are opening up about the uncomfortable, embarrassing, and surprising things that happened during their first time. Here are 22 tales from people who wish they could get a do-over:

1.) From GAlcarazIV:

The fact that my girlfriend said "let's pretend that didn't happen" afterwards.

2.) From kronius_97:

Being able to keep it up. I went limp with nerves. Performance anxiety is a fickle bitch.

3.) From BirdmanDodd:

I wouldn’t change the who but I’d maybe change the location. This girl had called me to come and get her from the next town over because her parents were fighting and i wanted to be “the hero”. I went over immediately and did I mention this was my first time meeting her despite us talking for a while on ICQ (I’m old)

So I picked her up and brought her back to my parents place. I’d never even kissed a girl at all or had a girlfriend that went beyond handholding and maybe some over the clothes stuff so I was super inexperienced. Anyway, we’re in my room and she kisses me and then things proceeded very quickly from there. I’m nervous AF but it was a good experience except for one thing...

We finish and I hear my Grandmother calling me for dinner and her distinctive footsteps coming up the stairs. We had SECONDS to get dressed and get our composure and fortunately we did.

It was good though and we stayed together for 2 1/2 years after that.

I just wish it wasn’t at my parents house so close to dinner time lol

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