People revealed how they currently get along with the person they lost their virginity to.

People revealed how they currently get along with the person they lost their virginity to.

You never forget the person you lost your virginity to, no matter how hard you try.

People revealed how they currently get along with the person they lost their virginity to.
First time sexy time revealed.

Reddit users recently shared what their current relationship is with the person they lost their virginity to. Here are a few of the best (but like, there are a ton, because sex can be weird, yo.).

1. Lovebot_AI's first love gives them PTSD.

Whenever I see somebody that looks remotely like her, I turn around and walk away.

2. Averagebunnies is dealing with a CREEPER!

He liked one of my photos on Instagram a month ago and then deleted his account the next day.

3. Skidamirinky's ex just can't let it go.

Conversations usually go like this:

Him: (totally out of the blue) hey how are you?

Me: fine, (thinking why are you messaging me) how are your wife and kids.

Him: They live in another state. I hate my mother.

Me: sorry to hear that, well it was great hearing from you.

Him: Your sister thinks we should get back together.

Me: No, no she doesn't.

I'm married, it's been almost 20 years (I was 15, he was 19). He has lots of kids, and baby mamas, sure dodged a bullet there. I've been with my husband for 15 years, married for 5. I'm not interested.


4. Mmmmmbeers is brutally honest.

I married her. Two kids. We're scraping by and it's a wonderful life.

She's taking a crap right now.

5. Deyndor proves life is complicated.


We dated for a couple years, then she dumped me. Two days later she was dating my best friend. I suspect she cheated on me with him while we were together, but have no proof.

Anyway, they got married. A few years into the marriage she cheated on him with a coworker, leading him to divorce her. She wanted to just have fun with the guy (she was mid 20s, and he was 18), but she got pregnant. As far as I know she's still with the guy and have two kids together.


6. LetsPlayThisBro dropped some legal action on their first naughty partner.

The restraining order is still active.​

7. Caffined98 reveals the secret boyfriend (and all that shade).

A few weeks afterward we broke up. And a few weeks after that, she and the secret boyfriend she had the whole time slashed the tires on my truck and covered it in syrup and rice, as a renewal of their love and commitment to each other.

We don't talk.


8. My-two-point-oh can never, like ever, call an ambulance.

I hope I never have to call for an ambulance because he's an EMT and I'd rather die trying to get myself to the hospital than see him again.

9. Rg90184 learned that sad stories sometimes have happy endings.


Haven't seen her in years. Shortly after she dropped out of high school she went to prison for heroin. A little Facebook snooping shows me she's now in college, has a kid, and a husband with a good job. She looks happy. Good for her, glad she bounced back.

10. And Classic_butthole kept it classic with their happily ever after.

We are actually celebrating 12 years together today! He and I took each other's in high school, and we couldn't be happier.​