Sex is weird. Dreams are weird. Therefore, sex dreams are the weirdest things possible. Here are some people who shared the dirty yet hilariously strange sexy times that their brains assaulted them with while they were sleeping.

Sweet dreams!
Sweet dreams!

1. Do what you're gonna do, Undercover_Hilter, but just remember that if you're going to have sex with a tube of toothpaste, don't forget to wear a whitening strip.

I started fucking a girl... She turned into a tube of toothpaste. I still can't explain it to this day. Probably unrelated side note, has anyone seen my toothpaste?

2. It's okay, I_love_this_cunt-try. Clair Huxtable had five kids so she was obviously a very sexual being.

I dreamt I was having an affair with Michael Jordan's wife. Except his wife was actually Felicia Rashad from the Cosby show. I'm not attracted to her, and I don't know what Michael Jordan had to do with the dream, but oddly enough, it was the one and only time I had a full on wet dream. Also, I was 22, married, and sleeping next to my wife when I had the dream.