Confident, committed lovers can and should feel comfortable to communicate about what they like. They should find ways to please their partner, and to the extent that it's comfortable, they should have an open mind about trying new things. To that end, there are some really interesting things that people ask their partners to do. Enjoy these 18 kinky stories from lovers on Reddit.


1. Burgher_NY had sex in 2011.


"Go down on me while I eat a fancy cupcake." Ok, you pretty princess.

2. This one from inflateaway1988 is gonna blow up.

To talk dirty about how my body is inflating while he fucks me. Obviously, my body wasn't actually inflating, but I sure pretended it was. I love this man, odd fetish and all.

3. Chew on this one from rumpleforeskin9.

I have some fairly pronounced jaw muscles, probably because I grind my teeth while I sleep? Anyways it would really turn my gf on when I would flex them. She would usually offer me a piece of gum before sexy time she liked it so much. She would send me nudes and I'd send videos of me chewing gum...


4. A nutty request for eeemily.

He said 'Your hair is so long and beautiful, I just want to grab it and rub it all over my nuts'. I obliged.

5. TheWellReadRed has that Groundskeeper Willie vibe that drives the ladies wild.

I dated a girl who wanted me to use an aggressive Scottish accent when I fucked her.

I'm an actor. So I did it.

It was hot, no lie.


6. User dinosaregaylikeme had an accident. A happy accident. A sexy accident?

I had to pee and my husband blocked the bathroom door and kindly ask me to just go in my pants.

7. This story from wonger2017 is hot and juicy.

Eat Wendy's while fucking.

8. Thank you for your service, SchmidtyMane.


Fucking my ex with a bomb popsicle (the red, white, and blue ones)


9. Bless you, tdasnowman.

Put your nose on my pussy and sneeze. Girl would never tell me if she was serious or not.

10. Very funny, I_HAVE_THAT_FETISH.

To laugh into her mouth. Like, as if we were french kissing, but she opened her mouth wider and I laughed into it.


11. 7LeagueBoots did a semester abroad, obviously.

That I read her Dostoevsky while she was giving me head.

12. A very sensitive story from icantbenormal.

To lick her boobs everywhere but the nipples. Apparently, the nipples are the least sensitive parts for her.

It was a lot of work.

13. For theratedrock, it makes bathtime and bedtime lots of fun.


Well I had a person ask to keep a rubber duck between us, so that it would squeak while we had sex.


14. So, then what, triggerfish_twist, like Tom Brady? Is he a hockey man?

He once asked me to call him by his favorite hockey player's name during sex.

15. Yeah, either one, pdxemf.

Probably the guy who asked me to dress in a latex nun costume wearing a fake pregnancy belly. Or maybe that's second to the guy who wanted me to stab him and drink the blood.


16. There's nothing hotter than violating the laws of space and time, right f1sh?

a girl once asked me to lick her butt while I banged her. When I told her I wasn't physically capable of that she seemed kinda bothered. Like what the actual fuck? can you guys do that?