People share the 'weirdest' things they're attracted to. Stop oiling your stretch marks.

People share the 'weirdest' things they're attracted to. Stop oiling your stretch marks.

A Reddit thread prompting people to share the "weirdest thing" they're attracted to has revealed that Redditors aren't as kinky as you might have believed. And that a lot of people truly do have a thing for dad bods.

If you're desperate to get a mate and don't feel like growing a belly, there are a lot of other, completely normal physical attributes people are secretly into. Then of course, there are many relatively normal quirks you could develop.

1. ProfessorGigs likes it when women poison their hands with ink.

Women that have reminders written on the backs of their hands.

I can't explain it even if my life depended on it.

2. Samuel33334 is into people who might be dads, who are definitely hairy.

I'm really into guys who look like dads, mostly with a gut and a lot of body hair and facial hair is a huge plus. George Costanza is super hot, John Goodman in 10 Cloverfield lane was hot too.

3. Throwawayfornp97 might have some child issues.

​very obvious daddy issues

4. Cutemusclehead gives hope to all those ladies who can't help but look like they want to punch someone.

Girls with resting bitch face

People share the 'weirdest' things they're attracted to. Stop oiling your stretch marks.
That's her smiling.

5. Hooloovooblues is into elves trying to blend in with humans.

The tip of my boyfriend's right ear is folded down ever so slightly and I think it's the cutest thing in the fucking world.

I call it his ear flippy and it brings me joy.

6. 77remix has a thing for girls who need to get some more rest.

When girls yawn or when they stretch

Idk why it looks cute and attractive

7. RipThrotes has developed a pattern that is impressive for how highly specific it is.

Blonde swimmers who speak German as a second language. It is more of a pattern I'm noticing than a conscious preference..

8. Food_lover_guide has a fitting attraction to a celebrity chef.

I am attracted to women who look like Gordon Ramsay.

People share the 'weirdest' things they're attracted to. Stop oiling your stretch marks.
Food_lover_guide is attracted to women who look like they can kill with words, and cook!

9. Inksmudgedhands belongs in a different time period.

Appendicitis surgery scars.

Alas, you don't see them much any more. Science has developed a way to remove the appendix without leaving a wide scar. But I still find them attractive on guys. With their pants hanging low and this scar marking them.

If you have watched the Fright Night remake with David Tennant, you know what I mean. He has a scar. And I like it.

10. Buttchuck has a terrible username, but a great outlook of the female form.

Stretch marks, specifically on thighs or breasts but elsewhere is sometimes fine too. Just enough to be noticeable.

I tend to be into curvier girls but they look great on thinner girls too. I don't know, I feel like they just punctuate what is already sexual characteristics


11. Michihunt1 enjoys hair, but not where it's supposed to be.

Back hair. To me it is just so MANLY! Oh, and male patterned baldness. Love.

12. Ceedubs2 is a hero to all.

I-I actually like muffin top. My ex seemed to have this problem where her shirt would ride up and there'd be this handful of fat that poked out between the jeans and shirt (for whatever reason, it was always on the right side). She was always embarrassed by it, but it drove me wild.


13. OurChoicesMakeUs hath a very particular attraction.

Mine is men with lisps.

14. DebbieDangleBeef likes guys who forget to put sunscreen on a crucial spot.

Shoulder freckles, something is so hot about a little patch on the top of a guys shoulders.

15. Nyan_Cat_Chick essentially likes all types of guys.

When a guy wears a tight shirt but with loose pajamas/jogging pants. I also like the whole "tired" thing. They have a raspy voice, messy hair and laugh at the simplest thing. Oh and when a guy wears a nice suit!!

16. Landlubber77 would like for you to be comfortable.

Granny panties. Not like actual enormous granny panties, but what girls consider to be "granny panties." Something about the combo of demure and sexy

People share the 'weirdest' things they're attracted to. Stop oiling your stretch marks.
Or is it something about the idea of a woman trying to suck in her stomach?

17. Kaylinwriter14 sees no need for Botox.

Crows feet.

Which is weird, because I'm pretty young and don't really want to be with someone very much older than me. But there's something about those wrinkles by someone's eye when they smile...

18. Viktor72 can't find the right words for the perfect beer belly.

There are some beer bellies I can go for. It's hard to explain what exactly qualifies a belly that I find attractive because it depends on the man too, but nonetheless it can be attractive.

19. Jax9999 likes guys who are sketchy and every dad's worst nightmare.

Scumbags. i'm not being funny, but you know that guy? he's skinny, bad tattoos, not bad enough to be a bad boy, but kind of scammy, and an asshole. Running scams stealing, and just being a general douche? Scumbag steve?

that shit is my jam for some reason. No idea why. I'm educated, im intelligent, i like animals. Why was i cursed to want to fuck the Jesse season 1 from breaking bad, i will never understand.

People share the 'weirdest' things they're attracted to. Stop oiling your stretch marks.
Well, he was a charismatic entrepreneur.

20. Boyvsfood's explanation only makes this weirder.

Milfs with braces.

I think I like the appeal of a younger girl, with the reassurance that there's NO possibility of jail time.

21. Bed_42 is not an orthodontist.

TEETH. Weird teeth. Not perfect teeth. Not in the way that I see someone's teeth and I get turned on.. But if a cute guy has some crooked teeth or they're crowded or some are pointy or there are some gaps.. Unf.

And the good thing is that perfect teeth are really hard to come by. A few times I met a guy by first talking to him online (Facebook, tinder, etc) and if I noticed that he smiled with his mouth closed in every picture there was a good chance he had some weird teeth.


There truly is somebody for everybody.