The notion that women occasionally fake orgasms is nothing new. While the common perception is that most women are "faking it" to spare their sexual partner's feelings, new findings indicate that might not actually be the case.

In a new study by Emily Thomas​, Monika Stelzl, and Michelle Lafrance that was presented at the British Psychological Society's Psychology of Women conference, 15 women ages 19-28 were interviewed about their reasons for faking orgasms. Researchers found that many of the women had faked sexual pleasure as a way to get out of uncomfortable or even unwanted sex. Granted, 15 is a pretty small sample pool, but the study's press release stated that all of the women "spoke explicitly of a problematic sexual experience" that they wanted to be over, either because it didn't feel good or because they didn't truly want it to happen, which is a little scary.