Vickie Lynn Morgan.
(via The Smoking Gun)

Ass sex isn't for everyone. But ass puns make the Internet lose its collective mind. That's how a little story about a minor assault in South Carolina becomes viral within hours. Like the one involving Pamela Lynn Turney, who told police she was assaulted by her husband's girlfriend Vickie Lynn Morgan after she discovered them in her bedroom "naked, smoking pot, drinking liquor and having anal sex."

According to the police report, it's not clear how Pamela knew they were having anal sex, but it is clear that Vickie was bummed about Turney butting in, because she "jumped from the bed and attacked her." Seems Turney didn't simply interrupt their plans for sex, she wrecked 'em. She also must have been pooped after fleeing the scene because she waited until the following morning to report the incident.

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