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Wives are most likely to cheat at age 37, according to science.

Wives are most likely to cheat at age 37, according to science.


According to a study being spread by smut-spreaders Maxim and Playboy, researchers have uncovered the age at which a woman is most likely to cheat on her husband.

Drumroll (and anxiety) please!

It's 37.

The study, done by VictoriaMilan—a dating site for married people à la Ashley Madison—determined "the average age of women having affairs" around the world was 36.6, which is about seven years after the average age of marriage: 29.

Here are a few other insights from the study, broken down to specific locations:

  • Irish women were the quickest, they started cheating just 3.6 years after marriage.
  • American women waited 8.5 years on average to cheat.
  • Love is dead.

The founder of VictoriaMilan, Sigurd Vedal, tried to explain why married women have affairs.

"Perhaps their husband is not giving them the attention and respect they deserve. Perhaps they still love their partners, but the spark has vanished from their marriage."

Then he started to sound like he was about to personally seduce your spouse into taking a romantic trip with him to the south of France.

"Whatever the reason, having an affair can help married women rediscover their zest for life, their sensuality, and the physical passion they may miss."

"These are universal needs, and craving sexual pleasure is something billions of us have in common – no matter how many other differences we may well have."

Come away with me, he (probably) added. If you are 37.

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