14 people who needed to ask the Internet if they were still virgins.

14 people who needed to ask the Internet if they were still virgins.

With parents a non-starter and friends beginning to sex at different speeds, many people turn to the Internet for their questions about doin' it. Even though sex isn't always between a one P and one V, and virginity could mean a lot of different things, people still ask strangers on the Yahoo Answers to help them make sense of their own sexual experiences.

(The craziest part is almost always the spelling and grammar errors, maintained here for ultimate hilarity.)


Here are 14 people who straight-up asked Yahoo Answers if they were virgins, because that's what you get in a country with abstinence-only sex education.

1. You never forget your first tampon.

Did I just lose my virginity?

Ok I know this is gonna sound stupid. But it was the time of month for me that I was supposed to get period. So I didn't wanna bleed through my underwear so I put in a tampon. But I didn't actually know if I had my period or not. When I took out the tampon there was no blood. So I put another one and it kinda hurt like really bad. When I pulled out later there was blood. Then I started getting cramps so I though I had my period. But the other times I put in a tampon there wasn't that much blood. So I was wondering if you can lose your virginity if you shove it up too far? I don't really care cuz I wasn't planning in having sex anyways. I'm 16 btw so I actually wanna wait. But is it my period or did I jut pop my own cherry? Lol this is so weird.


2. Is grammar ruin internet?

Is masturbate harm virginity?

i used to go to my girlfriend house and we were kissing... each other we use to masturbate for each other and she is a virgin dose that cause loseing virginity?its some thing raelly on my mind because sadly we are no longer together
(i did very nice and soft)

Update: i mean the hymen
and i was so soft and smooth and there was no blood that shows its hurt(usualy haymen when hymen is lost blood comes)

3. Life moves pretty fast.

Confused about virginity?

Okay this might be to much information but i'm really confused about this..

So i have only had sex this one time im confused if i really lost my virginity or not though?
it only lasted for a couple minutes and it didn't hurt at all.. i know he was going in all the way though (i was on top) but if my hymen broke wouldn't it have hurt??? it was the day my period ended and when i went to the bathroom after i was spotting a little bit..i don't know if it was from the sex or not.

I'm just wondering if i really lost my virginity or if i should still consider myself a virgin?


4. Bloody hell.

Did I lose my virginity? plz serious answers?

I'm not sure if I'm still a virgin or not.

I had sex for the first time a while ago and I'm not sure if I lose my virginity because I don't know if he put his penis in me all the way.

I did bleed though.

5. Are you still a virgin if you spell it "vigrin"?

Question about virginity?

I don't know who to ask about this but I don't know if I'm a vigrin. this is a really weird question. But if you masturbate or get fingered are you still a virgin? Some people said your a virgin until you have sex with a man. But how do I know my hymen (I think thats what it is called, or whatever breaks when you lose your virginity) How do I know its not broken already? I really want to know? But I dont want to go to the doctor? There was a tiny really small bit of blood one time when I fingered but that was it???? help!!!!????


6. The virginity is on the loose.

Masturbating: will i loose my virginity?

i feel lyk trying out masturbation. but i fear that i will loose my virginity. any help here would be great

7. I don't even know what this means.

Women’s if they have long gap between first and second sex they claim virginity?

If a women lost her virginity once and after long gap if they have sex as second time is it possible to find her virginity?


8. This one's refreshingly to the point.

Did I lose my virginity?

Would you consider penetration and one thrust to have been an act of losing your virginity?

We didnt actually have "sex," we just wanted to see what it would feel like inside. I don't think I will be sleeping with him at all, at this point, but it sucks to think that I lost my virginity without actually having real sex. What do you think?

We've fooled around a lot, having done oral and with fingers and such, but never actually the real thing.


9. Did you check for your virginity in the couch cushions?

I can I tell if I've lost my virginity?

Everyone keeps making fun of me because I haven't lost my virginity. The problem is I don't know what it looks like or where its even located. When does my virginity fall off? Does an adult virginity grow in after you loose it like when you loose baby teeth?

10. Porn will never leave you.

Did I lose my virginity?

I know this is a naive question but I was watching porn and masturbating {I have done it before] and I cumed for the first time, but does that mean I just lost my virginity to a porn movie???


11. Side effects may vary.

Did I lose my virginity?

Hello I'm an 18 years old lady, I lost my hymen by mistake from water when I was on the end of my period 4 years ago, is there any kind of test I can do to prove that I lost it by mistake? And that I am still version? And does that make a side effect for my health? I'm scared not to get pregnant after I marry. Thank you


12. That's some smooth shampoo.

Did i lose my virginity?

i was showering and i fell down on the shampoo bottle and then i found 1 drop of blood on the bottles head. did i lose my virginty? how to know without going to the doctor?

13. Let's blow this Popsicle stand.

Did I lose my virginity?

I masturbated with a frozen Popsicle. when I was finished I seen blood but I didn't push the Popsicle all the way pass the main wall. my period isn't on either . after I was done I felt alittle stingy sensation. I hope I didn't lose my virginity . did I?

14. It is some P-in-V action.

Did i really lose my virginity?

I was in the bathroom and I wiped my bottom really hard where my vagina is. It hurt for like 5 minutes. There was no bleeding. I'm really scared because I don't want to lose it right now before sex. I didnt have ANY sexual intercourse...


This is why we need sex ed in schools.