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13 Gigantic Wedding Disasters That Will Make You Re-Think Ever Getting Married

13 Gigantic Wedding Disasters That Will Make You Re-Think Ever Getting Married


Needless to say, weddings aren't always good.

Sometimes they go off without a hitch and everyone's happy. Sometimes there's some awkward stumbles but everyone kind of gets over it or has fun with it. Then there are the weddings that are just... well, disasters.

A wedding is a clusterf*** of emotions, pressure, family, and bad dancing. No one really knows how to handle them, and sometimes they go so wrong that you end up telling the story for the rest of your life.

Take these folks, for example, who participated in a Reddit AskWomen thread about the worst wedding disasters they've ever seen. Warning, these may seriously make you think twice about ever participating in holy matrimony:

1. From user ongobay:

Not strictly speaking me... but my husbands sister makes cakes. She made a wedding cake for a middle aged couple (on the brides second marriage) & drove almost 2 hours to deliver it. Anyway, the groom got so drunk before the ceremony that the registrar refused to marry the couple. The registrar offered to come back and hour later to try again. However, the groom carried on drinking and got even drunker. The bride refused to marry him, her sons ended up beating the groom up & the police got involved. The cake was used for the wedding party that evening by the bride celebrating her new found freedom...!!

2. From user retteket52:

Not my wedding, but this was a real bossy bride. During the rehearsal dinner the bride got each of her bridesmaids up on stage one by one and had the hairdresser give them all matching bobs.

Honestly the tension and awkwardness as she announced this surprise "fun matching hair initiave" was real. It was weird seeing grown women getting up on the stage and receiving the chop one by one. There were definitely some tears as the bride provided live commentary and urged the hairdresser to go shorter on a two of them.

One bridesmaid left early and the bride called her up on stage during the reception to "make up for what she missed out on". Again it was so weird and people were clapping and laughing, but it wasn't normal. That poor woman clearly didn't want to but was peer pressured to come on stage. That was a mistake as she left with the shortest bob of all of them.

I found out later there were some unresolved issues in that group of friends and it pretty much fell apart after the wedding.

Bride and groom are happily ever married though.

3. From user stopinthenameofsign:

My cousin and his very sweet now wife got married two years ago.

Hands down the biggest shitshow of a wedding that I have ever seen. First off, they got really unlucky with the weather, and what was supposed to be nice cool fall weather ended up being a heatwave with a dust storm.

In their culture, on the day of the wedding, you started the groom's house, ate a bunch of sweets, took pictures and then headed to the bride's house to collect her and then go to the church. No one had planned for real food, so the only thing that we had to eat from noon until the wedding at 8 p.m. was super sweet sugary stuff. The air conditioning was not working and we started to feel ill from the heat and sugar. We are all in formal wedding attire.

Things really start getting sloppy by the time we went to retrieve the bride, whose home also didn't have air conditioning. People were sweating so much, and one of my aunts went to hug an uncle of mine and left the outline of her makeup on his suit, basically stamping his suit with her entire face. From there we had to drive an hour and a half to the wedding venue, and on the way, another uncle gets into a car accident because the traffic was so bad.

Okay, so we finally get to the church. It is steaming outside, 100 degrees full humidity. The first very obvious problem was that they had been planning for an outdoor wedding and many of the dishes that they were going to have for their buffet dinner were mayonnaise and meat-based and sitting outside for after the ceremony.

The second very obvious problem is at the church they chose was a really really old church, like eight hundred years old and it didn't have any bathrooms in it. So I asked about the bathroom situation and there were only two bathrooms, and they were across the road, up some stairs, down a hallway....for wedding of over 100 people, including elderly people with walkers and canes.

So all that aside, we get in to the church and it's a beautiful church, bride looks gorgeous, and the ceremony gets underway. In the middle of the ceremony we notice the bride start to sway, and the guests start to murmur....she faints, wakes up, and then vomits on her wedding dress.

She's horrified, humiliated, and then starts crying in the middle of the ceremony. During this super hot day, she didn't have enough to drink and she barely had enough to eat, so when everything calmed down her body caught up with her. The priest asked her if she needs to stop, but she waves him onward determined to finish the wedding. The priest says something really nice about how marriage is not about these random happy moments like a wedding, but about the challenges that you go through as a couple and how you thrive from them.

Okay, ceremony over, she makes it through and then we head outside to the heat and the possibly rotting and poisonous food and lack of bathrooms. I managed to avoid most of the mayonnaise based foods, but my brother and sister did not.... they would suffer greatly in the aftermath.

Most guests end up staying for half an hour or so, but it was so unbearably hot that many people start leaving early on in the reception.

The last major thing rounding out this disaster was when my grandfather, on a walker, told my mom that he desperately needed to get to the bathroom. As they were crossing the street to get to said bathroom, my grandfather said he couldn't hold it anymore and whipped out his penis to try to pee on the street. My mother was horrified, and told him that he couldn't do that, so he sullenly looked at her, put his penis back, and pissed his pants in anger and frustration.

4. From user BakedBride:

Oh boy. At my cousins wedding some kid knocked over this 4 tier cake, which wouldn't of been so bad if it didn't land on the bride. The poor girl was devastated. Bawling her eyes out screaming at her mom and then my cousin told her that he was sick of her crying over stupid shit all the time and they decided to get an annulment. Everyone went home after that.

5. From user PancakeQueen13:

My co-worker was supposed to get married about two months after me. I was so excited for her because she was a single mom in her 50s and it really sounded like she had met a guy who would treat her right (her ex, by her description, was abusive). She would complain about some of the arguments that her and her fiance had before the wedding, and while my wedding was super easy to plan, I chalked it up to weddings being stressful for some people and would tell her not to worry about the small things.

Well, a month before the wedding, she found out her fiance never officially divorced his ex he broke up with 15 years prior. She had no idea, but even if she didn't, they had been planning their wedding for three years and he had plenty of time to track his ex down and get the papers signed. He just made zero effort to do so. She told me they would just "fake" the wedding because she had already spent thousands on the wedding, and her fiance planned to officially get everything settled so they could go to a courthouse at a later date. Red flags already went up in my head, but I knew she had already gotten to the final touches on this and had family traveling from out of town, so I got why she didn't want to cancel the party.

Then two days before the wedding, she came home and dude's stuff was all packed and gone. No notice, and she's never heard from him since. She ended up throwing the party anyways and celebrating a "bullet dodged", but I know she's still hurting. The worst part is that he didn't just do this to her, but also her kids who he had bonded with for 8 years, and who he was going to be a step-dad to.

6. From user sidebirch:

A friend of mine from high school became pen pals with several guys in prison immediately after graduation and started on a tear of dating said prisoners, including one guy who had been in prison for sexually assaulting a small child.

One of the guys she'd been corresponding with got out, and they started dating in person, and she quickly became pregnant. Despite the fact that this person already had four children with three different ex-wives (He was 30, and my friend was 22 at this point), she decided to marry him.

At the wedding and reception took place at a local spot with "Country Tavern" in the name. The bride was visibly pregnant in a brown and pink polka dot dress, and the groom wore jeans. I should say at this point - my friend was not a country girl, came from a family that was very upper-middle class and verging on high society, parents very influential business owners in the community, etc. So it was all pretty shocking.

The bride and groom moved in together in a house her dad owned, and the baby came along 3 months later. The couple got divorced 5 months after that.

7. From user Laz_Magpie:

I was a bridesmaid in a DIY wedding where almost nothing was done until the day before. To make an insanely long story semi-shorter:

-there was little to no communication from the bride leading up to the wedding. We had to reach out to find out where she wanted us to stay, when she wanted us to arrive, etc. -she threw a fit via text the night before the rehearsal because none of us had done anything to help them prepare (note: she never asked for our help) -the bridal party painted all the signs (one of which she made us repaint) -I helped assemble all the bouquets, which we were then told to redo -the bride, MOH, and groom drove out to Home Depot at 8 pm the night before the wedding to get pallet boards to make a dance floor -they then wanted to stain the boards until we convinced them otherwise -the bride and her MOH sat on the roof and drank wine while several bridesmaids and groomsmen painted the dance their rehearsal dinner clothes -the bride was actually my husband's best friend from college and was his best "man". Both she and her fiancé "forgot" to ask him to be in the wedding. -morning of the wedding guests are arriving and the dance floor is not assembled. Guests were literally taking turns nailing the boards together. With the tools my FIL just happened to have in his truck because of his job. -the bride was over half an hour late for the wedding -did I mention this was an outdoor seaside wedding in Maine in May? The day of the rehearsal was 80 and sunny. The day of the wedding was in the 50s and a downpour -no one tested the sound system until the first dance, so it didn't work properly. After dancing to the 3+ min song with poor quality...they fixed the system and did it again -oh, they also waited over half an hour after dinner had finished to start the dancing because the bride, groom, moh, and groomsmen went to play in the rain. Half the guests left before dancing or toasts started -one of the bridesmaids was severely allergic to the flowers in the bouquets

And my personal favorite: -after the rehearsal dinner there was a ton of food left over. One of the groom's brothers suggested they donate it to a food shelter. But his mother was adamant they keep it because she spent too much money on it for it to go to the homeless.

But, hey, their vows were beautiful and they're still happily married, and the bride and I haven't talked since the day of her wedding, so...cheers!

Tl;dr: DIY means leave everything to the last minute, then make your bridal party do it!

8. From user jeezy-chreezy:

Not me but my sister in law.

She's a nurse, and she was at a wedding where a girl was falling down drunk in the bathroom. Not only did this girl puke, but she pooped herself. Then her sister came in, also drunk, and they fought and somehow slipped in the crap and one got knocked out. My SIL called an ambulance.

9. From user Josetta:

As I've mentioned on here a couple times, I was at a wedding once where the groom slept with a bridesmaid at the reception. So that was the worst I've seen.

I've also attended a wedding where the pastor was so drunk he forgot the couple's names and that they were going to say their own vows, and fell back on his standard sermon that he slurred his way through. They ended up doing their vows at the reception later.

10. From user DFlyLoveHeart42:

My cousin decided to marry the man that almost killed her (not directly), but she was no angel either. She had made a point of smacking, hitting and belittling him in public since they first met. They were both from a small town of about 100 people and everyone in that area was pressuring them to get married. Well come the wedding day my cousin wore a small, tight homemade "wedding dress" to the reception and had people pay to dirty dance with her. Well, lo and behold he wasn't fond of this idea. He started yelling, calling her a slut. She said it was her day and she could do whatever she wanted. In the end he threw a beer in her face and ran out. They got divorced a week later then remarried the next year. They are now "happily married with a beautiful baby girl on the way".

11. From user moodychurchill:

Background: Mexican wedding - I wasn't allowed a canadian one because (and I quote) "Im not paying for all of your friends to come eat, drink and celebrate." All my friends were students and poor, all of his friends work in the oil fields and are wealthier so he thought it was a good way to have the wedding with ALL his friends there and none of mine. Joke was on him, 5 of my friends saved up and came, not a single one of his friends did. We had 14 other people attend only 3 people from his side came. The other 11 people were mind including friends and family who came from as far away as New Zealand.

I could go through a huge list that was the disaster of my life 3 months building up to the wedding but lets just talk about my personal highlight.

My brand new drunk husband getting in my face pointing a finger at me and saying "you're a LIAR, you did it on purpose" over and over with increasing volume in front of my family.

This was because his brother had proposed we all go to resort nightclub after the reception and I had forgotten because I was a. drunk and b. with my family who I hadn't seen in 5 years.

His brother had been at the club by himself for 40 minutes and hadn't bothered to come back and see if we were still hanging out at the cabana we had been in for 2 hours.

So I spent the next 2 hours of my wedding night being forced to apologize to his brother for being a "LIAR". I ended up finishing up my wedding night puking because the club was hot and I was dehydrated but I wasn't allowed to leave until they closed to placate my new husband and his idiot brother.

My new husband didn't help me, didn't check on me, didn't get me water. Instead he went to bed "too angry to speak". We barely spoke for the rest of the trip.

12. From user Jbsbm:

Someone I know wanted to get married at the church she grew up going to as it was also close to the reception and is a pretty church.

Newer pastor decided to talk about how marriage is ONLY a man and a woman...when half the the bride's friends are gays and dragqueens and the groom's sister is lesbian. Then he also brought up political shit I think to impress guests that are in government in the front row but it just annoyed everyone like WTF does that have to do with marriage? When he was blessing them he blasted the bride in the face with holy water than a sprinkle.

It was the most awkward ceremony ever. Reception was fantastic though!

13. From user spannerNZ:

My actual wedding went ok, but my Mormon mother tried to do her best to sabotage it. I married a Catholic and we had a Catholic ceremony (minus the mass). Mum was massively upset at having to attend a Catholic ceremony! She wasn't going to attend at all but my siblings convinced her it would be petty not to. She sniped and snarked all through the preparations, didn't help at all but made demands that interfered with the rest of us, looked dour all through the ceremony, and kept commenting that it wasn't a real wedding (since it wasn't a temple marriage). I am sure it was her that "coughed" when the priest said the "till death do you part" bit (Mormon temple marriages are "for time and eternity").

Then after the ceremony my new father-in-law made the mistake of asking her if she would look after the wedding certificate (she had a large carry-all with her as she was carrying around her scriptures so she could make a show of reading them). She "lost" wedding certificate. The priest had to make a statutory declaration that he had actually married us.

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