The internet has fallen head over heels for this couple's viral wedding proposal.

Steph Gardner and Alec Horan practice AcroYoga, a blend of "yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage" that was founded in San Francisco. The pair have been flipping and finding their centers are all over the world.

The couple that Namastés together....stays together.

Finding balance in the garden. #acroyoga #balance #acroplay #zen #peace #yogainnature #yogainspiration #yogalove

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If you could trust someone with your entire body weight, you could probably trust them to share your bank account.

One day, the two were doing an AcroYoga sequence on the beach in Hawaii, and Horan ended the practice with a move that's more exciting than savasana.

While Gardner was upside down, Horan whipped out a ring, making it a proposal that's both true to the couple and a complete surprise.


Despite the huge surprise, Gardner managed to keep her balance, and they shared an upside-down kiss that puts Spider-Man to shame.

Congrats to the happy couple! Here's to an acrobatic first dance.

Sources: h/t Well and Good