A daddy blogger (for some reason, that sounds much pornier than "mommy blogger") wrote a post on Facebook last week about why he decided to skip the "surprise" strip club bachelor party his friends had planned for him. The post ended up being shared over 16 thousand times, probably exclusively with the caption "Hint, hint."

Why I Didnt Attend My Bachelor's Night I didnt attend my bachelor's party. The traditional last "hoorah" before...

Posted by A Husband And A Dad, 24/7 on Friday, December 4, 2015

The post reads:


Why I Didnt Attend My Bachelor's Night

I didnt attend my bachelor's party. The traditional last "hoorah" before becoming committed to one girl for the rest of my life. My friends planned a surprise trip to the hottest strip joints in Toronto, and well, I didnt show up.

Why did I not go?

Because I didnt need a last "hoorah" and I was already committed to my one and only for the rest of my life. I was already in my best adventure with the girl I love for the rest of life. My wedding was to celebrate that. I didnt need a night of meaningless drinking and touching other women to prepare my commitment to the girl I love. I wonder how did that tradition even came about.

I have attended my friend's bachelor's parties and trust me when I say, its definitely not going to be OK with their future wives. But hey, I guess thats what the bro code is for, right? To keep the secrets of the bachelor's party from the poor girl who is going to marry this asshole. I am sure that there are still some good guys out there who just has a dinner with the boys and call it a night but 80% of bachelor's parties consists of some very kinky activities that should best be a secret or it might scar the marriage.

The thing I never quite understood is, what exactly is a bachelor's party for? Was it to celebrate a guy entering a marriage or to remind him what he was supposedly "giving up" for the marriage.

I chose to stay in with my wife and although I pissed some of my friends off by not showing up for my surprise party, I know I made the right choice. She will always be my choice, and I will spend my bachelor's night with the person who was going to change that status forever.


You could have just said that you didn't want to go to a strip club because you didn't want to pay $15 for a plate of hot wings.

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