April 4th, 2016 marks the official eight-year anniversary of Jay Z "putting a ring on it" and marrying the closest thing the United States has to a queen, Beyoncé. The couple, which has been together since Beyoncé was 19, are #relationshipgoals personified, and not just because they both have a lot of money and entertainment empires. To celebrate eight years of marriage, here are eight reasons why Bey-Z is the ultimate power couple.

1. The couple got married secretly, proving they don't always need an audience.

According to Essence, the couple's 2008 secret wedding ceremony only had 40 guests, and it took place at Jay Z's Manhattan penthouse. The couple requested all their guests "leave their Blackberries home" for the ceremony. Although Blackberries are basically extinct now, Beyoncé and Jay Z are still together, despite constant divorce rumors.