We here at Someecards have heard our fair share of bridezilla stories, but this one just about takes the (wedding) cake.

According to Marie Claire, one bride is asking her friends to "bid" on a spot in her wedding party. And yes, we're talking about bidding actual money here.

In a post to Reddit (which has since been deleted), the bride's sister explained that with just a month left to go until her wedding, her sister still hasn't chosen her bridesmaids. Instead, she's holding an auction, and the six highest bidders will win a spot in her wedding party. (This includes the coveted maid-of-honor role.)


The bride's sister wrote in her post:

My sister is kind of shallow (bet you'd never have guessed, right?) and mainly only associates with rich people, or more accurately people with rich families since none of these young 20s girls have ever held a job in their life unless it's at their parents' investment firm. So most of the people she sent these to have the money for this kind of thing. But I know she also sent a few to older friends of hers, like from high school or earlier, who she's not only lost touch with as they got older but also were from lower income backgrounds. She has no awareness about how inappropriate it is in many ways.


The bride's sister went on to say that the money from the auction would go towards the couple's wedding and honeymoon. While the bride and her mother both believe that the auction is the best way to choose a wedding party, her sister finds it "really awkward and tacky."

So, the brides sister asked a simple question of the people of Reddit: Am I crazy for thinking this whole auction thing is weird?

Reddit's resounding response? NO!

Many confirmed that the bride's bidding plan is just a little bit crazy.

And other people really, really wanted to see all the madness unfold.


If nothing else, at least her sister's wedding will be interesting.