That cat can't wait to tear that pink sweater a new one. 
(original photo courtesy of Bryan Aulick)

Irresponsible! Photoshopped or not, the Tumblr Brides Throwing Cats could easily encourage attention-starved brides, determined to make their weddings as weird and "unique" as possible, to start launching cats and kittens through the air at unsuspecting bridesmaids. When eyes get clawed out at a wedding, it's supposed to happen in a garishly dressed woman-on-woman fistfight as they battle for ownership of the bouquet. That's tradition!

Then again, it might be nice if this new practice were to amend how the next lady to get married is determined. For example, if you get the whole cat, you're definitely going to be betrothed within the year. But if you get just a clump of fur, you're at least going to have a few regrettable one night stands. If the cat pees on you, you're going to move in with a dude. And everyone who walks away with a scratch on the arm is promised to have a drunken makeout in a bar within the week! 

Sources: Brides Throwing Cats