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Bride offers to buy bridesmaids' outfits and one threatens to ditch if she doesn't get $250 shoes.

Bride offers to buy bridesmaids' outfits and one threatens to ditch if she doesn't get $250 shoes.


One of the most expensive things I've ever done is be a bridesmaid. You shouldn't have to go into debt just to support a friend's love—but the wedding industrial complex relies on bridesmaids having bottomless bank accounts.

One bride decided to break from tradition by offering to subsidize her bridesmaids' attire, hair and makeup, and even their lodgings the night of the wedding. HERO!

I'm getting married in the summer next year. I have 4 bridesmaids and they are all really different in shape/size.

I was going to pay for everything for the girls, as I know it can get expensive, but my FH and myself are prepared to do it. I've paid for their dresses which were between £190-230 (size dependent) and their hair & make-up with trials, which is coming to £125pp. I've also organised an air bnb for the night of for bridesmaids and my parents.

However, like most things involving weddings, this got way more complicated than expected.

The bride says she "struggled" with the bridesmaids' shoes since they "took issue" with the ones she chose. So she let them pick their own shoes—which worked out fine with all of the bridesmaids but one.

However, I really struggled to get them shoes, as every single pair I chose (about 15) at least one of them had an issue with. I was either looking at the same colour as their dresses, or silver, and I had shown them a mix of flats and small heels. Nothing worked.

I suggested that they should each buy themselves a pair of silver shoes in whatever style they felt comfortable with, to make things simpler. 3 of my Maids were happy with this, one even has a pair she already had that she will wear, which is brilliant!

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