Over the years, bridesmaid dresses have earned a pretty bad reputation. They are often depicted as needlessly expensive, itchy, pastel poof-balls with enough crinoline to outfit the entire Broadway cast of The Phantom of the Opera. But this video from Glamour walks you through the evolution of bridesmaid dresses from the 1920's to now, and proves that bridesmaid dresses haven't always been atrocities of appliqués and taffeta.

Hey, those weren't too bad! It's almost as if bridesmaid dresses aren't inherently ugly, and some brides just have bad taste.


Still, you probably shouldn't believe the #1 all bridesmaids are told: that you will get a lot of use out of the dress. Yeah, you are going to shell out a stupid amount of money to buy a dress that you don't even like just to wear it once, but you can always take revenge once you are the one set to wed.


Which is your favorite era?