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Bride asks if she's wrong for asking stepdaughter to get braces after wedding.

Bride asks if she's wrong for asking stepdaughter to get braces after wedding.


Much like a virus, 'bridezillas' refuse to go away. Even with most weddings getting postponed or held on Zoom until after the pandemic is under control, some brides-to-be are still finding ways to make ridiculous demands on their loved ones in the name of having the 'perfect' wedding. Even in the midst of a global crisis.

One bride shared a post in a wedding planning group on Facebook asking if she's 'overreacting' for wanting her future step-daughter to delay getting braces until after her wedding day.

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In the tone deaf post, the bride-to-be explains that braces make you 'smile weird' and 'photograph terribly.' Her fiancé apparently says she's being 'ridiculous,' but apparently she thought the internet might take her side.

Narrator: the internet did not take her side.

She writes:

I need to vent.......

So my future step daughter will be getting braces soon. Our wedding is May 23rd, the appt is for May 7th

I'm upset because I had braces just a few years ago and you smile weird for the first few months and braces photograph terribly and she's 11 so she will probably get bright color bands.

Her mom says there is no way she is changing the appointment that it's ridiculous I would even think that she should. My FH [future husband] says I'm being ridiculous, that it's not a big deal. What's your opinion? Am I overreacting?

She adds that she has 'worked her ass off' to pay for the '15k dollar wedding' which is why she wants the pictures to be 'perfect.'

This is a 15k dollar wedding that I have worked my ass off to pay for and I want these pictures to be perfect. Also, it's my 1st wedding/his 2nd, so it's a lot bigger deal to me than him.

And in an addendum, she hypothesizes that her future stepdaughter's mom arranged for the girl to get braces before her wedding 'out of spite.'

*take into consideration that when I met my now stepdaughter I told them that she needed braces and my FH and her mom both said her teeth was perfect, this has been going on for 2 years now and they insisted her teeth was perfect and she didn't need braces.

November she went to the dentist and he said she needed braces but her mom just wanted to wait. Not nothing has been said about it and all of a sudden her mom mentions it and says she's scheduling it for May 7th, which seems to me that it's out of spite.

Tragically we can't see the comments on the original post, but someone took a screenshot and posted it on Reddit, where commenters are weighing in.

Many people are pointing out the obvious: this wedding? Yeah, probably not gonna happen.

clutzycook writes:

Five bucks says neither the wedding not the orthodontist appointment is going to happen in May. Imagine her reaction to that.

JesusIsMyZoloft agrees:

Wait, is this May 23, 2020? Because we’re probably still going to be under quarantine then. (Though, there’s a good chance the orthodontist will be closed too.)

And mumblewrapper writes:

What a world it is right now. I was thinking the exact same thing. She's going to lose her shit when she realizes the world quite literally does not revolve around her wedding.

Also probably not happening? Those braces.

RockStarGhettoChick writes:

I'm also pretty surprised that weddings are happening at this point, and I'm surprised that the orthodontist is going ahead with the appointment given COVID-19 concerns. I'm in Invisalign, and my ortho has canceled all of my appointments for now. (This is probably what you were referring to.)

And Sawa27 adds:

Where I live all dental offices and clinics are closed down. You can call and come in for emergencies only.

But wedding or no wedding, braces or no braces, most people agree this bride's behavior is immature and selfish.

Suchafatfatcat writes:

This bride sounds very immature. If she’s pitching a fit over her step-daughter’s braces ruining her wedding photos, maybe she isn’t ready to deal with real-life marriage and all the compromises that go with it.

And cabbageheadlady writes:

Grow up, bridezilla! Nobody will be looking at your stepdaughter. But they will look at you and wonder why you fussed about it at all. We shall see if the wedding will even be allowed due to the virus. That 15k wedding may never happen. Not too late to cancel.

Lots of people feel bad for this poor girl.

Gullflyinghigh writes:

Oh I bet that child can't wait to have this as her stepmum.

nancysgrrl adds:

Imagine that child hearing through the rumor mill that my braces were so awful they didn’t want me in photographs. Unthinkable

At least one person did take the bride's side.

Jourbob writes:

Ye it’s entitled but tbh I can kinda see where she’s coming from. Considering that they’re only 2 weeks apart I don’t rlly see why they wouldn’t wait till after (I’ve never been to the orthodontist tho so idk how hard it is to get an appointment).

Seems like the common thing to wait on big changes til after big events, especially if there’s complications. It’s why my sister waited to get her wisdom teeth removed until after my brothers wedding.

Plus the daughter will be surrounded by a bunch of food at the wedding and it could be a fun last ‘hurrah’ before needing to take care of braces

Plus the whole ‘waiting’ bit is kinda suspect on the ex wife’s end tbh...

So there's that. Her whole family may be against her and most of the internet, too, but at least Jourbob is in her corner! She might want to marry Jourbob, because things aren't looking too good for this bride's wedding or her future marriage.

Sources: Reddit
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