Two 'loving' cows photobombed a wedding shoot and completely upstaged the couple.

Two 'loving' cows photobombed a wedding shoot and completely upstaged the couple.

You know how we love a good wedding photobomb story. This one is pretty amazing.

Janessa McKillen and her husband, Brad, got married in Ontario, Canada last weekend. Before the ceremony, they decided to take some photos at the family farm that Janessa grew up on.

According to Buzzfeed, their wedding photographer, Rebecca Sprau, suggested that they pose near the cows, to get some shots that were "different and fun."

Unfortunately, a couple of the cows in the background were having a little too much fun. Janessa shared this photo to the Ellen Facebook page for the show's "photobomb" series.

Hi Ellen! I thought you might like this "photo bomb" from our wedding this past weekend on May 20th 2017 in Ontario, Canada. It might be safe to say Love was in the air all around us!

Posted by Jenessa McKillen on Monday, May 22, 2017

Yes, two cows who were, ahem, getting busy, photobombed Janessa and Brad's wedding day. As Janessa said in her Facebook post, "Love was in the air all around us!"

Sprau told Buzzfeed News that she "couldn't stop laughing" at the photo. She showed it to Janessa and Brad later that night, and they thought it was hilarious too.

"I actually walked around during the clean-up showing my family," Janessa said.


They weren't the only ones who thought it was hilarious. Janessa's photo has since been shared over 2,000 times.

Janessa explained to Buzzfeed that the cows in the picture are actually both female. "The bull is behind them," she said. "It's a natural thing, no funny business happening."

May Janessa and Brad, and those cows, live happily ever after.