Some jokester discovered the not-so-secret formula to endless Facebook "likes." Engagement photos. His first one was so very successful, it got him addicted. You know the feeling.

Already, you can tell this guy is into shameless promotion. He took the time to edit the Facebook post with a plug for his friends' sketch comedy page. So as the "likes" climbed into the hundreds, dude got addicted. So he did it again.


Ah, that's funny. His fiancé's in on the engagement joke, grimacing in the background as the "likes," once again, reach the hundreds. It's still working.

Not sure when this screenshot was posted to Imgur, but the "likes" are noticeably less lucrative now. This is surprising, because I assume that most people see a ring in a photo and "like" it immediately on Facebook—without actually liking it in their hearts. Tragic, but it's just common courtesy.


Oh, haha, he's still doing it...

No one's amused anymore.

Sources: h/t Distractify