Reality beat rom-coms to a romantic gesture coming out of unfortunate circumstances so obvious it's crazy that it was never in a Nora Ephron movie.

Newlyweds Jeff and Rebecca Payne of Centreville, Ohio en route to their reception after being wed in holy matrimony, got stuck in traffic on the US-35. A multiple-car accident shut down the highway for two hours (there were no serious injuries, so it's okay to laugh!), and making the best of inconvenience, the bride and groom got out of the car and shared their first dance.


The hashtag #ResuceThePaynes spread among wedding guests, and they made adorable, sweet, viral lemonade.

It's even more romantic than the street scene in The Notebook, because it doesn't follow almost causing a car accident themselves.

Congratulations to the Paynes! Here's hoping the honeymoon is without transportation troubles!