Shopping for a wedding dress can be hard. (I assume. I've never picked out a wedding dress before, but it seems overwhelming.) But a new website is making it so you don't have to worry about going out to hunt for the perfect dress. You can design it and have it sent to you. (I KNOW! SO FUN.)

The site, called Floravere, lets users customize their gowns, and then sends it to them to try on at home. They have seven silhouettes available (all named after badass female characters from books, TV, and movies). You can pick up to three of them and have samples sent to your house to try on for just $45.


Honestly, I am nowhere close to being engaged, but I could be convinced to pay $45 to have a fun dress up party with the gals. It'd be just like that Friends episode. You know the one I'm talking about.

ANYWAY, after you get your samples and pick the one you like best, you send them back to the company and they start customizing the one you chose. You can add straps or sleeves, a longer train, crystal details, or even an embroidered monogram of your initials.


All of Floravere's dresses are under $4,000 (which is apparently relatively cheap for wedding dresses, a sure sign that I am in no position to get married yet), and if you choose to buy a dress from them, the $45 you spent to try them on gets deducted from the final price.

It's not something you want to do at the last minute, as the it will take Floravere about three to four months to make your dress and send to you.

So.... dress up party, anyone?

Sources: Elite Daily