When a groom's health problems were revealed at the altar, the bride married a wedding guest instead.

When a groom's health problems were revealed at the altar, the bride married a wedding guest instead.

Is there anyone here who can think of a reason these two should should not be joined... besides the groom's entire family?


In sickness and... to hell with that. (stock photo)

25-year-old Jugal Kishore was seconds from marrying 23-year-old bride Indira when his secret medical problems betrayed him.

Jugal was about to place a garland around Indira's neck during the traditional Var Mala ceremony (symbolically similar to the exchanging of the rings) when he broke into an epileptic fit. It was then Indira realized Jugal's family had hidden his medical history from her.

Jugal was rushed to the Doctor, but strangely, Indira stuck around at the venue.

According to the Times of India,

"The young bride, angry that her family had been kept in the dark about Kishore's medical condition, promptly changed her mind and announced that she would happily marry at the same ceremony a guest at the wedding, a man called Harpal Singh."

That's one way to save on the deposits.

The Times then reported that Singh, while flustered and totally not dressed to be married, sauntered up to Indira in a jeans and leather jacket and agreed to marry her.


Right place, right time, Harpal. Indira and her "guest" got married at the same ceremony in which she was supposed to marry someone else. This girl really knows how to rebound.

Of course, Kishore's family was pissed.

Jugal regained consciousness and made it back to the ceremony in time to find that his bride was already married to someone else.

After begging her to reconsider, and spare him the humiliation of returning home without a bride, things got violent and guests even threw flatware to get her to change her mind.

Police were called and some of the guests were arrested, although an officer from the Milak Police station has since said that, "Both families have amicably resolved the matter. Kishore and his family have now returned in peace to Moradabad."


Maybe he should have stuck around, instead. If his bride could find a new groom at the wedding ceremony, Jugal probably could have found a new bride at the reception.