Now would be a good time for someone to run down the aisle screaming, "I object."

Perhaps I already used all my wedding stunt good will on that fun Drunk History video, or perhaps this groom isn't selling it hard enough. If you're going to do something like this, I'm going to need you to vamp about 5,000% more.

This guy broke out into a lip-sync mash-up during his wedding vows, mouthing words to songs by Whitney Houston, 'N Snyc, and Ed Sheeran. Yes, this man chose by his own volition to include Ed Sheeran in his marriage vows. Is that legal basis for an annulment? Also, did you make everyone in your wedding party wear the same glasses? What happened to simple, old-fashioned, Jennifer Aniston-style gatherings where everyone's phone is taken away?

Sources: YouTube