12 marriage proposals that went wrong for reasons besides saying no.

12 marriage proposals that went wrong for reasons besides saying no.

Asking someone to marry you is a huge and often nerve-wracking decision. Most great proposal stories end in the person on the receiving end saying "yes," but what happens when the person says "no?" This AskReddit wanted people who had been turned down when they proposed to their significant others to share their stories. Though many of the relationships ended up not working out afterwards, surprisingly, a lot of them did. Here are 13 proposals that didn't go exactly as planned.

1. NWBoomer didn't end up getting engaged, but at least he got a sweet new sleeping bag out of the deal.

Young, stupid and probably horny just out of college, I bought an engagement set and sprung it on my college girlfriend. Did not get the response I was expecting; she freaked, called me "irrational" and left.

Problem two: the department store where I bought the ring would not refund my money. I finally was able to negotiate a store credit; I exchanged the engagement set for a down sleeping bag. Frankly it was the better deal.

2. There's a lesson to be learned in thebutchone's story: know your audience. At least it turned out okay.

Accidentally got a no. Proposed in a restaurant to my current wife, the whole ring in the cupcake and everything. I go on one knee, and propose, completely not taking into account how bad her social anxiety can be, I just figured her books have these types of things, maybe she'd like it. She panicked, said no, and ran out.

3. In my opinion, "So do you still want to get married or what?" is far more romantic (and more hilarious) than "Will you marry me?" And hey, it worked for faxinator.

My girl asked me to marry her, and I said "no". She wasn't surprised or shocked, but I felt I wasn't ready. She just said "that's okay" and we went on dating. About a month later I asked her to marry me (super romantic -- we were at the mall eating pizza and while she had a slice in her mouth I said: "So do you still want to get married or what?") and she said "yes".

Been married 27 years.

12 marriage proposals that went wrong for reasons besides saying no.
Isn't this all of us want in life?

5. Another unconventional way to phrase the question, courtesy of hargendash's parents.

My parents always told me they got engaged when mum was pregnant with my younger sister and she turned to him to say "so do you wanna fucking get married or what?".

It's a mystery that a fairytale romance like that didn't work.

4. This is just about the worst vacation ever. I'm sorry, ABurntC00kie.

5 years together

first night of a cruise, she said no

we try to enjoy the cruise anyway

week later she tells me she's cheating on me

10/10 would not recommend


6. At least Ileum has come to see the error in his ways. Don't ruin other people's proposals, guys. Not cool.

In hindsight I should have expected it since I was shit faced drunk, had never met her before and the ring was stolen (don't ask about the ring)

Edit: sorry if this is against the serious rule but it did happen

Edit 2: okay since people are asking haha, I'm an asshole in this story. Basically I ran into this guy from highschool at a party few years later. He was talking about how he found the girl of his dreams and was going to propose to her but was waiting for the perfect time. He was carrying the ring in his jacket pocket so if the perfect moment came up (I donno, maybe some sort of walking in the park at night scenario?). I didn't particularly like him and after a few drinks I got the brilliant idea that I should propose to her first! (Because that's how it works right? first come first serve). So I grabbed the ring from his jacket he had left slung over the couch and proposed to her....


7. Maybe not the best reason to ask someone to marry you, but TropicalGusher nailed the location.

We were at McDonalds drive thru and it was taking forever, so I proposed.

8. Davenport23 got some not-so-inspiring feedback from his future fiancé's mom.

When I decided to ask, I was confident that she would say yes. But first I asked her mum for permission to marry her. Response was along the lines of:

"Oh geez, that's out of the blue. I'm not really sure if she will say yes. But you can ask her. She is a grown woman and can decide for herself, but I don't really know what she will say! But you have my permission, I just don't know that she'll say yes!"

As you can imagine that was a really inspiring motivational speech.

Next day I popped the question. Never been so nervous in my life. Wedding is next year.

12 marriage proposals that went wrong for reasons besides saying no.
When she says "yes."

9. There's something kind of adorable about this. Keep trying, Scramblerino. I think you'll get a "yes" one of these days.

Ask my current girlfriend to marry me almost everytime I am drunk. She always say's no.

10. TBH, Mafiya_chlenom_K is probably way better off without this ring snob.

I was in the military at the time (living on ramen so I could save money) .. spent every penny I had on an engagement ring. She thought the diamond was Cubic Zirconia (aka: a cheap imitation of a diamond) and her response to me was "Do I look like a girl who wears glass?". I said "fuck you" and haven't said a word to her since.

I didn't expect her response, but I should have. In hindsight, I was in my early 20s and extremely dumb.

Before people start talking about how cheap grown diamonds are (like the youngsters on reddit typically do when I mention this story) .. artificial diamonds became available to the public around 2005 or 2006 (and still took time for the price to be worth it). This event happened in late 2003 or early 2004, so no, spending less on an artificial diamond wasn't an option.

Edit: The bold (it was "that"). Expanding "CZ" to be the full words plus link and "aka".


11. Maybe you should've had rings in both hands, davesoverhere.

Told this before. My wife managed to ruin several surprises I tried to have for her., including my proposal. So, on haloween, in a bar with frownds, I held out two fists and said "trick or treat."

True to form, she managed to pick the hand with the Milky Way. "Oh, thank you honey," she said. After about a minute, she got curious and wondered what was in the other hand, and opened it.

Technically, I never actually asked her to marry me.


12. Maybe the first proposal didn't get a "yes, " but something tells me HaroldSax and his girlfriend are going to be just fine.

Current girlfriend, actually. About a year ago I asked her to marry me and she gave me an incredibly painful but calculated, level-headed response. I took her out to a beautiful place where you can look at most of the Inland Empire and if there are clouds it looks like some shit from a Disney movie.

Anyway, after asking, and her saying no (very gently), I remember her exact words: "I love the shit out of you, but we are both just absolutely not ready." We talked about it extensively and while I was hurt initially, she's more than shown since then that she's committed to me. We've built a better relationship since then, not that it was bad, and we could do it right now (and have talked about it) but at this point, I'm definitely not as ready as I thought I was. Table's kind of turned, actually.