He fights for truth, justice, and a little excitement on the big day. (via)

No matter how many weddings you go to, there's always a little bit of tension right when the knot is being tied. Someone in the audience might object, or one of the two people standing in front of the priest/judge/person-who-filled-out-some-forms-online might get cold feet and say "no." Also, the best man might completely screw it all up by forgetting the rings.

Well, at some point yesterday, it looked like the "forgetful best man" scenario was about to go down at one wedding, according to a redditor who said he attended the event. "The Best Man is asked for the rings, the groom holds his hand out and the Best Man plays the "I don't have them" card," wrote the wedding guest. "Everyone checks pockets...and no one has the rings. Then...this guy rolls in."

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