If you're planning on asking your significant other to marry you in the near future, here's a proposal video that might make you consider popping the question in a safe, secluded, indoor location.

According to Refinery29, Isaiah Adams asked his girlfriend, Grace, to marry him at Cunningham Falls State Park in Maryland. They were surrounded by friends and family, who, lucky for us, captured the whole thing on video.

You see, Isaiah and Grace may have been standing just a little too close to the edge of the waterfall, and when he went to put the ring on her finger... well, just watch for yourself.


Yeah. He dropped the ring into a waterfall. And they never found it. Not exactly the dream proposal Grace was probably hoping for, but the two say they're still planning on getting married.

You know it's true love if she's willing to forgive him for ruining any chance of posting engagement ring Instagrams on the day they got engaged. Congrats to the happy couple!