While Instagram is overall ruled by celebrities—Beyoncé got a whopping 7.5 million likes for her pregnancy announcement—some superlatives still belong to the regulars.

Indonesian bride Intan Azzahra holds the honor of Most Liked Wedding Dress of All Time, according to Allure.

This gown has 250,000 likes/hearts/notes of approval, and it's pretty magnificent.



Look at the details. The skirt reminds me of cake and I would like to eat it, please.

Made by Indonesian designer Ivan Gunawan, the dress is straight out of a Disney movie, with her groom Zendhy Zaen looking like Prince Charming.


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Look at the happy couple, bound together by holy matrimony and intricate beadwork.


At the reception, Sazzahra changed into a big red frock that is certainly something else.

King and queen

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It doesn't have as many likes, but it certainly is regal.

Cerita Dari Negri dongeng

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Looking at the gorgeous pearls and beads on the white dress, it's very possible that it takes $250,000 to get 250,000 likes.

For Sazzhara to keep her title, here's hoping that Beyoncé and Jay Z don't plan on renewing their vows anytime soon.