Wedding planners and guests reveal the craziest 'bridezilla' moments they've ever witnessed.

Wedding planners and guests reveal the craziest 'bridezilla' moments they've ever witnessed.

Weddings are typically joyous occasions (especially when you take funny wedding photos), but any event of that size with that amount of planning comes with its fair share of stress. Sometimes people crack under the pressure, especially when it's the most important day of their lives. A recent AskReddit thread asked the wedding planners in the audience to recount the biggest "bridezilla moment" they've ever witnessed.

Wedding planners and guests alike chimed in with their stories. Here are ten of the craziest ones.

1. KMKPF witnessed a bride tell a tiny child she couldn't have the same shoes as her.

My cousin married a vapid idiot. The night before the wedding at the rehearsal she figured out the flower girl had the same shoes as her, in a much smaller size. She flipped her shit at 9pm and made the mother of the flower girl buy different shoes for her before the ceremony. That's what happens when you buy your shoes from Payless. Not much of a selection in white.

2. MrsRossGellar warned her client about the rain. Her client did not listen.

It was an outside ceremony at a golf course, with an inside reception. About an hour to the ceremony the skies went dark, and storm clouds began rolling in.

I tell my outdoor brides we need to call the wedding no later than 30 min in advance so we have time to move guests indoors, as well as any other items (flowers, etc). In this case the bride had a beautiful indoor location that was easily used for both ceremony and reception. Which is why there was no tent.

I suggest to the bride that she move her ceremony inside. She says no. She wants it outside.

I show her the clouds. "Its Seattle, she says. There are always clouds ". Well yes, but these are storm clouds and you have 200 people sitting outside on a golf course...

She won't budge. No amount of reasoning is helping.

20 min to ceremony it starts to get windy. Nothing big yet, but this is just more signs that wet weather is upon us.

She still won't reconsider. Several guests are seated outside. Many hover inside the reception area because its cold out now. I tell her this. Tell her last call. Warn her what happens if it rains during the ceremony. She still wants it outside.

The Ceremony begins. It starts to sprinkle. Bridesmaids are getting wet as they walk down the aisle. Shoes are sinking into the grass. Guests are looking worried.

The Bride walks down the aisle just as big wind gusts begin. Rain starts to fall in earnest. Guests try and use umbrellas but it is just too gusty.

We aren't even five minutes into the ceremony when the heavens suddenly open and it POURS. Guests start screeching and start moving inside. Ceremony is still happening for the bride, but guests are bailing. Musicians grab their instruments and head inside.

The bridal party continue to stand there like nothing is happening, much like the band on the Titanic.

There are maybe 20 guests left. Everyone else has bailed. It is an open downpour; anyone left is just soaked.

Officiant is rushing now; though there isn't really anyone left to witness vows. Before they got to the kiss, the lightning began. At that point they finally bailed.

The bride and bridal party spent the reception looking like drowned rats. The bride was just ruined. Runny makeup, hair smushed. She had rashes on her skin from being wet all night. Wet lace and heavy ball gowns are not easily worn wet. All the decor that was meant to move inside following the ceremony was ruined; thousands of dollars on flowers and centerpieces down the drain. Literally.

And in the end, hardly anyone witnessed the ceremony at all, and they didn't even get to finish.

Bad bride.


3. How DARE you not have everything set up more than four hours early, anon_479?

Last weekend a bride strides into a gorgeous rented chapel 4 hours early, while 30 ppl are praying, in her super short makeup robe, freaks out because a 1 table was not set up at that moment, picks up a chair in front of everyone and throws it at a trash can. Yep.

4. Most people have a "wedding weekend." The bride from oneagain84's story had a "wedding year."

A bride once called having a melt down because her friend got engaged as well and was planning to get married in the same year as she was... Apparently it was her special year and not just a day. She threw a huge fit that this girl was only getting married to "steal her thunder"... Yes, because no one else can have a life at the same time as you. Her friends date wasn't even in the same month or season. Hers was in October and her friends was in June.... Brides sometimes don't think rationally.


5. BuddhasMom's bride had a ridiculous request for the flower girl.

Bride made flower girl wear white pantyhose because the little girl's legs were "too hairy"!

Sloane_Peterson pointed out that probably wasn't even the best solution.

Was a little girl with hairy legs, and I'll tell ya, pantyhose are just going to make them look like two guinea pigs busting out of wet cheese cloth.

6. MorallyCorruptBae's story just gets worse and worse as it goes on.

I had this client book me for a day-of two weeks before the actual wedding. I regret taking it to this day.

She had no transportation planned to take her home at the end of the night. I asked her repeatedly what her plan was and she told me she just wouldn't drink and planned to drive to her honeymoon spot. She never told me where it was even though I kept asking.

Fast forward two weeks. A massive tornado just went through the D.C./VA/MD area the day before her wedding and power lines and trees were blocking every entrance to the highway to her wedding in the boonies of Maryland. I got up early to deal with the issues at the venue, like no electric on a 100 degree day. I get a call from her around 6am saying she realized she needs transportation now. Fine, I'll find it. One last question, where is this mystery honeymoon spot.... oh hours away in West Virginia. I call every D.C. and Maryland based limo company and beg them to find someone to drive into the Maryland countryside at 11pm and then take them to West Virginia. Finally someone relented and I called the bride to tell her the price. Complete. Fucking. Meltdown. Well guess what, you request that at the last minute, you're going to pay whatever they want to charge you.

The wedding itself was a complete shitshow. The bride hated her hair and makeup and made it very well known to me, even though she has personally booked the stylist. As it was 100 degrees and blazing July sun, the original unshaded area was going to be terrible for the ceremony. I suggested we move it for her comfort and the comfort of her guests to the beautiful area with a centuries old tree. She refused, but as guests arrived they did nothing but complain. I decided to say fuck it and moved the ceremony to make everyone happy. It was a one hour traditional Jewish ceremony and in no good mind would I let people suffer in the sun.

After the ceremony, I had to wait outside the bridal suite while the couple had a bedding ceremony. Something I never want to witness again. Said ceremony went way over thus extending cocktail hour and shortening the reception. The bride freaked out that she lost out of dancing time because of it and blamed it on me.

At the end of the night during clean up, the MOB started throwing decor in her car rather than let my team do the load out. As soon as she left, I noticed my emergency kit was no where to be found. I called the MOB and she claimed she never saw it, even though it was next to the decor we had started to pile up. The next week I get a call from the venue saying the saw a car throw a bag out of their window onto the steps of the venue and then sped away. Alas it was my bag and I had to drive over 90 min to go fetch it, even though the MOB and bride lived super close to me and had my address.

To top it all off, I got heat stroke and my poor assistant had to drive us home at midnight.


7. VenBede legit got asked to officiate a fake wedding. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!

Not a wedding planner but I'm former clergy.

So, let me start off by saying that I was a deacon. Fully empowered to officiate weddings. But no one, in my experience, asks the deacon to do a wedding unless they are a family friend. So I was a little shocked, and somewhat suspicious, when I was approached by this couple. They wanted two things; me to officiate and use of our church. They were only two weeks away and their first venue fell through. Alternatively, they would just like to rent the church and they would have a family friend officiate.

Unless the family friend just happened to be clergy of the same denomination as us the latter wasn't an option.

As I asked more questions I became increasingly uncomfortable with the couple. Something was off. Finally, they came out with it. The couple had broken up after the invites had been sent. But the bride was not going to be deprived of her "special day" of "being treated like a princess" for some technicality like she didn't have a groom. Deposits were already in place anyway. So they figured they'd throw the big wedding, have the reception and then go their separate ways.

I asked the groom why he would be participating in this farce. The father of the bride, in an apparent effort to give his special princess her special day, was willing to give the groom the honeymoon tickets/hotel. So he basically got a vacation to show up and look sincere.

The reason why the first venue dropped them was that they didn't want to stage a fake wedding. Neither did we.


8. MrsPottsBetch's friend got so mad she canceled her whole wedding.

I'm not a wedding planner but my friend is getting married soon. She planned this huge wedding with 8 bridesmaids/groomsman and when she tried to arrange for the bridesmaids to get together and pick out bridesmaids dresses two of them couldn't make it on the day she picked, she was so upset that they couldn't come on that particular day that she sent out a nasty text to all the bridesmaids and canceled the big wedding and now is having a destination wedding with just her fiance and their family...


9. The napkins were the last straw for the bride from snailisland's story.

Bridesmaid, not a wedding planner.

The bride had a complete emotional breakdown because the purple monogrammed napkins she ordered were a little too blue-ish. She also spent the last half of her bachelorette party crying and complaining that not enough people were there.

This observation from commenter AlwaysCuriousHere as to why the bride may have acted that way from is very gracious and enlightening.

What I'm hearing is that the napkins were the last straw in a really stressful wedding planning. She probably imagined this day for many years probably since she was a little girl playing with Bride Barbie and she wants it to be perfect to the last detail in a way as a promise to her childhood self. She probably put a ridiculous amount of pressure on herself (and everyone) about every. Last. Detail. And it was just taking its toll. But it's her wedding and she's always been told it's her most special day and it has to be perfect.

I'm thinking when she was upset at her party, she might have just been feeling alone or unloved. Maybe she imagined a huge party with 10 or 20 closest friends who all love her and get her like what you always see in the movies and TV shows. And then found that she doesn't have that. It's not that nobody loves her, just that not many do. There's nothing like media telling you how many friends you should have to make you feel so alone.


10. PharmacyThumbprint can't believe the way this bride wanted to pay for her wedding cake.

Not me but a relative. A bride went crazy after being told that she couldn't pay for her cake with an EBT card. (Seinfeld voice)Who are these people?

Sure, these weddings sound like they were terrible, but at least these people got good stories out of them. Happy wedding season!