Looking for unique wedding idea that’s gaining in popularity? Hire a tattoo artist to ink the bride, groom, and guests at the wedding reception!

Tattoo artist Robert Fiore is the owner of Red Lotus Tattoo in Lansdale, PA, and he has taken his artistry on the road to weddings as The Wedding Tattooer.


Fiore got the idea when he joked to a relative about to get married that he could tattoo the bride and groom during the cocktail hour. They took him up on it, so Fiore brought his studio to the venue and inked their initials on their ring fingers.

He explained to the Huffington Post: “The [wedding] photographer mentioned she never saw something like it before, and at that point we knew we were onto something.”

The service is totally customizable, as Fiore works with the bride and groom on the designs they want to offer at their wedding.


He explains in an informational video: "We bring our tattoo studio on the road to your venue, whether it's a wedding reception, cocktail hour, bachelor/bachelorette party, or any other themed event. We pack up our studio and we bring it to you."

He told HuffPost: "At our last event we tattooed 34 guests, many of whom had no tattoos," adding, "It just blew me away how the two families bonded during the experience, and I was honored to be able to provide it."