Bandai Namco has released an Apple Watch-compatible app based on the classic toy.

Least practical of both worlds. (Getty/Bandai Namco)

Millennials, rejoice! Your favorite mid-90s fad is back, but now you can pay much more for it. Tamagotchis, the plastic egg-shaped virtual pets first introduced in 1996, were a staple of many childhoods, including mine. Everyone I knew at school had one, beeping away in their pockets and demanding constant attention. In a way, it was a premonition of the smartphone craze that was still ten years away.

And now, that cycle has come full-circle. Bandai Namco, the makers of Tamagotchi, have had an iPhone app for a while. And now, an Apple Watch version means that your needy virtual pet is never more than a wrist-glance away. You won't even have to get something out of your pocket to feed it, play with it, clean its poop, and inevitably watch it die (or fly away, if you're a wimp).

Sources: The Daily Dot