Remember when America's biggest problem was dealing with the lameness brought on by prosperity?

Ugh. I was literally less fly than this guy in 1998.

A lot of supercuts promise to transport you to this world or that place or this time, but "Remember 1998" (part of YouTuber ThePeterson's much larger Remember series) will kick you in the Nineties, hard. Unlike many retrospectives, this mash-up combines TV, film, music as well as video games to create a panorama that only Nineties kids (and their parents and everyone else) will understand.

Let me just lay my cards on the table, here: I was 13 years old for most of 1998. This may be a walk down memory lane for you, but it's a trip to Pimples-And-Fantasy-Novels Alley for me. I am not saying I had a tough childhood—I did not—but I had reached my adult height (which didn't amount to much) while being an actual 98-pound weakling, resulting in many people telling me I looked like I was in my 20s...and addicted to heroin. In fact, the only thing worse than this would have been remembering 1999.

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