This is precisely the right number of cooks.

It kills me to say this, but good job, CNN. Really good job. If this is all you're remembered for besides establishing the 24/7 cable news paradigm, that will be OK. Not only is Too Many Cooks the perfect metaphor for the cacophony of crazy that make up our presidential and congressional candidates (particularly the demolition derby-style 2016 GOP field), someone finally found the perfect use for the endless supply of cheesy footage these candidates release every cycle.

Plus, let's be honest: we all know that playing the tape out to the end will probably end as darkly as the Adult Swim version did. In the best case, I'm referring to a bloody victor emerging over his/her opponents in the election. But I mean it more in the "everything goes boom and 'We'll Meet Again' starts playing over the credits" sense. We'll be very lucky if having a Demon Sheep overlord is the way it turns out.

Sources: CNN