Ok, fine, America is not without its issues. For starters, we still haven't figured out the whole "treating people equally regardless of race, sexuality, etc" thing. And, of course, the Cheeto-In-Chief isn't exactly doing wonders for making sure people get healthcare. Still, there's no denying we've done some pretty amazing stuff in our short, 241 year history. We invented flight, jazz, the Internet and a rubber vagina that looks like a flashlight for God's sake. Pretty badass if you ask me.

Then, of course, there were these proud moments where America shined on the very Internet we invented. Times like...


1. When this patriot showed the proper respect to Old Glory.

2. When someone exercised their freedom of press and put these signs next to each other.

3. When this American hero saved the people of Walmart.

4. When Buzz Aldrin reminded the world who owns the f**king moon.


5. When this proud patriot schooled some foreigner on our aeronautical feats.

6. When we told this doctor not to come up in here with his commie bullshit.

7. When this soldier showed ISIS how we f**kin' do.

8. When this guy handed out freedom and the eagles came calling.


9. When we reminded everyone just how this all got started.

10. When a kid answered this question correctly.

11. When we manufactured this.

12. When even our typos loved freedom.


13. When we got the highest rating a country can.

14. Whenever someone tried to add a country to a scroll down menu and saw ours first, even though it's almost last alphabetically.

15. When we taught this Australian dude what a privilege it is to be an American.

16. When Stephen Colbert told Hugh Laurie what was what.


17. When we got all mathematical about our Pledge of Allegiance.

18. When we gave Portugal a lesson on the American calendar.

19. When we just hammered it home one more time that we own the moon.

20. When we all owned one of these shirts at one point.


21. When this patriot tempted skin cancer just to show how much he loves America.

22. Whenever our dads rocked this at a 4th of July BBQ.

23. When some fine American citizen made this meme and let it ring out for all of Twitter to see.

America. Fuck yeah, bitch.