Need to make a music video? Well, you could do like these guys did and just remake an old one.

This video comes out of an awesome project from JASH where they're pairing musicians (in this case, Mikal Cronin) with comedians (Kurt Braunohler and crew) and giving them each $5,000 to make a music video. Or, this time, remake a music video.

The thing I love most about Kurt and Mikal choosing to reenact the "Torn" video is that while you can tell that Imbruglia's original video is from the 90s, and it's something we all remember from the 90s, it's not oppressively retro. It's not all full of Britney Spears schoolgirl uniforms or bloody O.J. Simpson gloves (that was a 90s music video trope, right?). There's something wonderful to me about choosing to replicate the most mundane of 90s artifacts. It's like bringing back a grilled cheese recipe from 1992 — it might be good, but it just doesn't look that different from a grilled cheese today.

Sources: buh/JASH