After a recent 'GQ' photo shoot, Chris Pratt was supposed to do a video bit about acting lessons, but he was kind of drunk. So obviously, he still did it.

Chris Pratt: An actor and man so excellent that when people talk about what a load of dino poo Jurassic World is going to be, few implicate him. At worst, he gets labeled as miscast. And now, here's this to add to the reasons why Chris Pratt is excellent: when he got drunk on Fireball during a GQ photo shoot, he didn't say, "Nah, don't put me on video when I'm drunk." He said...well, I don't know what he said. I wasn't there.* But he made this drunk how-to-act video, and it's pretty excellent.

* OR WAS I? J/K, I wasn't.**

Sources: h/t Uproxx | GQ