I wish my daydreams had movie-studio production quality...

Anyone who has defeated a toddler at a board game knows this is fairly accurate.

Well, this is something I didn't anticipate about the Internet when I was younger: Action Movie Kid is really starting to resemble a little person these days, and not just the fat ball of viral content who has been appearing in explosions-and-laser-filled adventures since he first pulled a lightsaber off the shelf in a toy store way back in March of last year.

Unlike that video, or the one where he gets a Portal gun, or the one where he does all his own stunts, this one focuses more on what the imagination of a little kid looks like. Who hasn't blasted aliens from the back window of their car on a road trip? There's a good reason for this content shift, however, as Action Movie Kid and his CGI artist dad have a message for everyone about being a good dad: do it.

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