Just in case...APPAREL 23000! Crap. Nothing.

They can't be blamed. Their hands shiver too much to text from the cold drafts wafting into their low-drop V-neck tees. The confusion has us worried though. After posting in the comments didn't work they probably started writing "Apparel 23000" in magic marker on their computer screens, on the walls of their apartment shares, in lines of cocaine on their Grimes vinyl album covers, and shaved into the sides of their asymetrical haircuts. The mysterious "Apparel 23000" will begin popping up in impotent graffiti all across the nation as luddite hipsters desperately try to procure their free gift, which is probably just a pair of crotchless nude-colored tights or some other hideous fashion runaways are tricked into wearing while posing for polaroids. One more try: APPAREL 23000! Man...zilch!

Sources: BuzzFeed