Advertising milkshakes in your beard just makes us think of a beard with milkshake in it.

If you've got it, flaunt it and make a few bucks doing it. In case tattoo ads are too serious for you, and painting your house like a billboard isn't personal enough, now you can rent out your chin forest for a cool $5 a day (we couldn't figure out if you can host multiple ads in one beard). Finally, a way for hipsters to actually make money from their full-time job (being a hipster). Granted, this is probably a stunt by Real Native Advertising that is in fact an ad for the marketing agency that spawned Real Native, Cornett-IMS. Both of the clients listed as Beardvertisers are clients of theirs, and also, this is clearly not a great idea in practice. Not that that's ever really stopped anyone, so who knows.

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