Why "Alex from Target" is trending on Twitter, and what it means for the future of fame.

Why "Alex from Target" is trending on Twitter, and what it means for the future of fame.


So dreamy. (Via Twitter)

Twitter hashtag #alexfromtarget has beat out hot topics like #nationalsandwichday and #LenaDunham because, and I'm not making this up, there is a kid who works at Target, and his name is Alex. 


"Hi. I'm Alex. From Target. I had nothing to do with this."

Legend has it that a girl who visited his Target chain became entranced by his fluffy hair and breathtaking beauty, and snapped the above photo while he was bagging her items. Then, someone else got a hold of that picture (How? Why? We don't know!) and tweeted his picture out to her followers Sunday with the sentiment, "YOOOOOOOOOO."

Then, somehow, he became famous. Teen Twitter took hold of his beaming visage like a lighthouse in the storm of puberty. His boy band beauty shone over the rocky shores of teen desperation as the youthful masses sought out his non-threatening love. Through sheer Internet craftiness and desperation, millions of teens jumped on the Alex From Target bandwagon as they found his personal twitter account, which in one night amassed over 350K followers. 

Bewildered by the unsolicited attention, Alex from Target looked to the void of cyberspace for an answer as to what happened to him.


He received thousands of responses, from "yeah" to "no" to "ur hawt."

There's your answer kid: you're a star. 

He became a meme overnight, and things like this began to happen:

And parodies began to take hold. 

And Hollywood (a comedian in NYC) began to pen to the Alex From Target movie.


Once the teens got to digging around about Alex Christopher LaBeouf (AKA Alex from Target), they found the object of their affection already had a girlfriend, and they became pissed. Alex's girlfriend, Lindsay, began receiving death threats. Actual death threats.

Ummmm, what?! 


Obsession! Over a random kid in Texas who looks good in red! 

It used to be you had to make a sex tape to become famous for doing nothing. Now, you literally just have to do nothing to become famous for doing nothing. Although, clearly, there are thousands of horny teenage girls who would love to get their hands on his sex tape.

The kid, who was doing nothing but trying to earn an hourly wage at a retail store, lost every shred of privacy, autonomy, and the security of his girlfriend, all overnight. And from out of seemingly nowhere. 


And now, even the store where his normalcy was stolen from him, Target, wants to jump this kid's bones.  

What the hell is going on? 

The original poster tweeted again today, at 2:59pm, before hiding her account for good. Her last tweet was: "What the fuck have I done."

(by Myka Fox)