Every Kanye West Song, Ordered Arbitrarily

Every Kanye West Song, Ordered Arbitrarily
Every Kanye West Song, Ordered Arbitrarily

by Dan Abromowitz

Kanye West is an artist, a visionary, a madman, and an icon, and in a decade he's produced a body of work as vast and contradictory as the man himself. Some look at his work and see an opportunity to pull in pageviews by making order out of the chaos. Over here, we prefer to revel in the fickle vicissitudes of Lady Fortune. So, after a lot of argument, here it is: the DEFINITIVE arbitrary ordering of every song on every Kanye West album (sorry, Watch The Throne/GOOD Fridays/skit lovers, this ain't your list).

See where your favorites ended up for no knowable reason beyond the whims of this beautiful universe, and duke out where we went wrong in the comments.

  1. Diamonds From Sierra Leone Remix
  2. Celebration
  3. Roses
  4. Guilt Trip
  5. Heard Em Say
  6. Runaway
  7. New Slaves
  8. Bound
  9. Bring Me Down
  10. Devil In New Dress
  11. Crack Music
  12. I Wonder
  13. The Glory
  14. So Appalled
  15. Everything I Am
  16. See You In My Nightmares
  17. Can Tell Me Nothing
  18. Drunk And Hot Girls
  19. Hell of A Life
  20. Blood On The Leaves
  21. Black Skinhead
  22. Homecoming
  23. Jesus Walks
  24. On Sight
  25. Monster
  26. Hold My Liquor
  27. Welcome To Heartbreak
  28. We Don't Care
  29. Good Morning
  30. Dark Fantasy
  31. Paranoid
  32. Good Life
  33. School Spirit
  34. Drive Slow
  35. Get Em High
  36. Two Words
  37. Champion
  38. Lost In The World
  39. Love Lockdown
  40. Gold Digger
  41. Send It Up
  42. Street Lights
  43. The New Workout Plan
  44. Hey Mama
  45. Gorgeous
  46. Power
  47. Stronger
  48. Slow Jamz
  49. We Major
  50. I'm In It
  51. Family Business
  52. Last Call
  53. I Am A God
  54. Coldest Winter
  55. Say You Will
  56. Breathe In Breathe Out
  57. Bad News
  58. Gone
  59. Blame Game
  60. Spaceship
  61. Touch The Sky
  62. All Falls Down
  63. Big Brother
  64. Addiction
  65. All Of The Lights
  66. Amazing
  67. Heartless
  68. Robocop
  69. Barry Bonds
  70. Through The Wire
  71. Never Let Me Down
  72. Flashing Lights

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