If you ever swallowed Gak, rest assured it will be seen your coroner.

Gak was a toy marketed to Nickelodeon viewers in the 90s, named for (but not identical to) one of the many goopy substances dumped on contestants on Double Dare and other Marc Summers-hosted game shows (there was legitimately a point in my life when I thought he was the most famous person on TV...I wasn't a cool kid). It's main selling point, besides being practically non-Newtonian in its combination of stickiness and rubberiness, was that it made fart noises. They also made versions that smelled. One selling point that was never mentioned is that it is practically heat-proof. Seriously, has NASA ever explored the idea of slathering re-entry shields with this stuff? What is it made of? Can it also stop bullets? What would happen if you fell in a vat of Gak (and is that why Double Dare got cancelled)??

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